• 600 Watt MH

  • 1000 Watt MH

Succeeding two years of engineering and testing prototypes against every major bulb brand in the horticultural market, the Illuminati International development group found the proprietary PAR spectral and design improvements that yield more accessible energy to plants while prolonging the life of the arc tube. Thus, the Genesis Bulb was created.

Genesis Bulbs are horticulture industry specific lamps with a unique spectrum following the latest advancements in plant science. Employing academic and commercial scientific knowledge to our manufacturing process is what makes us the most progressive horticultural bulb brand on the market today.

Using our proprietary combination of premium gases for both the HPS & MH line we are able to achieve a more plant specific balanced spectrum than previously available within the horticultural industry. These advancements have all been made to satisfy the increasing demand for horticulture specific lamps in the market.

Genesis Bulbs are designed for use in high frequency digital ballasts and are engineered to withstand the increased demand required from pairing a high intensity lamp with a ballast incorporating an overclocking feature. Genesis Bulbs have been tuned for the proper CRI (color rendering index) when overclocked to 10% their stated wattage.

Genesis Bulbs are engineered to reduce the total harmonic distortion while in operation with most name brand ballasts on the market today. This improvement leads to longer life of the arc tube and slower depreciation of PAR output.

  • Designed and engineered for the horticulture industry.
  • Maintains less lumen/PAR depreciation over standard bulbs on the market.
  • Compatible with newer digital e-ballasts or classic magnetic coil ballasts.
  • Delivers 27% more energy in the blue and red enhanced ARC spectrum.
  • Secures up to 19% more total spectral energy over leading competitor brands
  • Genesis Bulbs can be mounted in vertical and horizontal lighting fixtures.
  • Spectral enhancements increase your plant’s photosynthetic response.
  • Increased PAR output generates more vigorous flowerings sets and bud sites.
  • Pulse Start Technology used in all Genesis Bulbs.

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